Print-At-Home Patterns FAQ

Our downloadable, print-at-home patterns are easy to choose, buy and use.


How do print-at-home patterns work?

Our print-at home patterns are digital patterns, sent to you as a zipped file. This file contains your print-at-home patterns in various paper sizes, each as a separate PDF file. Your file will also contain .jpeg files of the pattern artwork and often some 'fashion sheets'. Download the zipped file to your computer, unzip (or extract), then you can print, assemble, and get sewing. No waiting, no shipping costs...instant gratification, HotPatterns style!


How will I receive my print-at-home pattern?

When you place your order you’ll get an email straight away, with a link for you to download your pattern. The email will come from ''. Be sure to check your junk/spam folder if you don't see the email straight away. This link does not expire and may not be shared with others.


Oh no, I lost my print-at-home pattern download email!

No problem! Click here and we'll resend the email. 


How do I use a print-at-home pattern?

Download and save the file to your computer; the file will probably automatically save to your 'downloads' file. Don't click 'open', that won't work!
Open the .zip folder, and "drag" the files to the desktop or a folder on your computer to save them. There are different types of file included: print at home , A0 size files for copyshop printing (A0_Copyshop) and 36" wide size files for US copyshop printing (US_Copyshop).  There is also a file containing the instructions for sewing your pattern. 
Use a PDF reader (we recommend Adobe Reader, which is free) to open the file you want to print, in your size.
Print a test page of the PDF on Letter or A4 paper, selecting “custom fit = 100%” or “no scaling” on your PDF printer settings. Use a ruler to check that each square in the grid on the test page measures 1 inch by 1 inch.
Print the remaining pages, and assemble. Each page has a grid surrounded by a white margin. Cut the right and bottom margin off each page, overlap with the adjoining pages, then tape or glue them together.
Cut out your final pattern pieces, and get ready to start your project!
You can print out the instructions, or just view them on your computer to save paper. 

Which paper size should I use if I'm printing my pattern at home?

For printing at home, we give you the option of choosing either A4 or US letter sized paper. Choose the pattern page size you want-each version is clearly marked with the paper size you need.


I don’t want to print my pattern at home – can I use a copy shop instead? 

Absolutely! Our print-at-home digital patterns come with copy shop versions too. All our print-at-home patterns have the option to print on Architect E paper which is 36" x 48" and common in the USA. For the last few years we've also added an A0 option which is usual for non-US copy shops. We're retroactively adding the A0 option to older patterns wherever possible.


Why can't I open my print-at-home pattern on my phone or tablet?

Your patterns will be delivered as a .zip file, which can’t be opened on most phones or tablets. You can open the .zip file on your computer, and then send the PDF files to your phone or tablet.


Shouldn't my print-at-home pattern have margins?

Nope! our A4 and letter size patterns don't have margins; you need to butt each page together, edge to edge.


The grid is printing at the wrong size, how do I fix this?

Make sure that your printer isn't 'scaling' the pattern. Click on 'no scaling' or set the scaling to “100%”.

Try using Adobe Reader if you’re using a different .PDF program which may alter the scaling.