why you need to make a muslin


If you wonder, why do HotPatterns keep telling me to make a muslin before I cut out my fabric? Here's why!


First, it's useful to clarify what we mean by a 'muslin'. A 'muslin' (sometimes also referred to as a 'toile') is simply the shell of your garment made up (usually) in a muslin fabric. Muslin is a tightly woven, non-stretch (usually) unbleached cotton fabric. In theory it's inexpensive but not always! For making a muslin for a knit garment we tend to use a cheap (or questionable 


The shell of your garment is just the basic shape. Imagine you're making a fitted blouse; you'd want to muslin the front & back body of the blouse and probably the sleeves first. No facings, pockets, ruffles or trims, and you'd cut out but probably leave any collars or cuffs off until you'd fitted the body.